Servo Controlled Voltage Stabilizers

Air Cooled and Oil Cooled Capacities

1 kVA to 3000kVA

Microprocessor based control system for measurement and correction

Digital Voltage, Current & Frequency display


Comprehensive protection

Online UPS

1kVA to 300kVA in customizable models

Inbuilt Inverter and Transformer

Flexible Battery Configuration - up to 52 Batteries

Compact Chassis

Better heat dissipation

Low Downtime

Output PF @0.9 - More load possible on the same rating

Isolation Transformers

Up to 3000kVA

Low inter-winding capacitance

Good DC galvanic isolation

High attenuation -100 dB in common mode up to 10 kHz

Optimum transformer design ensures good load regulation

active harmonic filters

Digital Fast Fourier Transform based harmonic compensation helps significantly reduce harmonics of the 3rd to 51st order

Option to mitigate selective harmonics

Automatic PF improvement up to the unutilized capacity of filter

Ability to connect up to 40 units in parallel; Master-Slave combination or Peer combination

Harmonic attenuation up to 97% at rated current and prevents possible harmonic resonance

Voltage independent harmonic current tracking for more immunity to input voltage distortion

Inherent current limiting will prevent overload condition

Option of 3ph 3 wire / 3ph 4 wire; Option of 690V

Energy Management

Any Meter Integration

Anywhere on LAN / WAN / Cloud

Any Medium – Ethernet/ OF/ Wireless/ Twisted Pair

Cloud Ready

Multi-System Connectivity (DCS/ SCADA/EMS)

High Speed Data Monitoring

Energy Accounting and Costing

Targets & Deviations

Portable Load Managers

Panel Load Managers

Thermal Imagers

Power Clamps

Energy SAvers

Shop floor lighting in Industries, particularly those that are dependent largely on artificial lighting

Large Offices – particularly Software & BPO facilities

Hospitals, Educational Institutes & Research laboratories

Commercial & Residential complexes

Campus Lighting